The Trattoria Toscana Difference!

The Trattoria Toscana Difference!

Here at Trattoria Toscana, Chef Pietro draws on his Italian and Sardinian roots to bring the community a true Italian experience, transporting his guests to Italy for a delicious, enjoyable meal. He believes that the best flavors come from fresh food, using the highest quality ingredients, prepared daily, just as they do in Italy.

Chef Pietro prepares his dishes with care and passion, attending to every detail. He makes the pasta and bread from scratch each day. He rolls housemade tortelloni and ravioli by hand. His gnocchi is made in house with potatoes and imported pecorino cheese, using his mother’s recipe.

You can find the staples of Italian cuisine, olive oil and tomatoes, in many of his dishes. He chooses to use high quality, extra virgin olive and truffle oils from Italy to ensure that his dishes have the authentic flavors of Italy. He sun dries tomatoes by hand using fresh, organic tomatoes to accentuate the flavors of his dishes, such as our popular Pappardelle con Funghi.


Chef Pietro refrains from preparing his dishes far in advance, in order to preserve the tradition of preparing his dishes on the spot. This technique requires time for preparation and provides our guests with a leisurely dining experience, a time to relax and enjoy the company of others, sipping a lovely glass of wine, upholding Italian dining tradition.

Cuisine is a passion and a past time in Italy, a time to revel in delightful flavors using just the right ingredients, and investing the time in its preparation every day. 

Succulent Seafood in Sardinia!

“Eh, chi non m’as postu frucchitta!”

Or, as a great-aunt said once, scolded during a Sunday lunch in Cagliari since she was not touching her typical Sardinia food, “Why? You didn’t give me the fork!”. Once you’re at the table in Sardiniaeating is a must!

Eating, in Sardinia, means family, tradition and plates of typical Sardinian cuisine, much like in the rest of central and southern Italy, a reason to pass time with your dear ones, to laugh and tell the last news, sometimes even an occasion to discuss and argue in pure Italian style.

For lovers of seafood, Sardinia’s beaches are an ideal vacation spot.  Sardinian cuisine offers rock lobsters, clams, crabs, squid, anchovies and sardines, among other delights.  Mullet eggs are harvested and dried into solid blocks.  This strongly flavored food, called bottarga, is shaved or thinly sliced to serve over pasta or salad.  Cassòla, a flavorful seafood soup, can have as many as a dozen types of seafood cooked with spices and tomatoes.  Shark meat is cooked into burrida, a chower with unique variations at each port.  In Sardinian cooking, seafood can be found in other dishes as well.  Aragosta arrosto splits the local rock lobsters in half, topped with seasoned breadcrumbs and roasted in the oven.

Join us at Trattoria Toscana to enjoy truly fresh, from scratch Sardinian dishes from Chef Pietro's homeland.  

Come try mouthwatering Bistecca alla Fiorentina on Sunday, May 31st!

Enjoy another delicious cultural dinner at Trattoria Toscana! Our Tuscan Steak Dinner is Sunday May 31st at 6:30pm. 


Bistecca alla fiorentina, or 'beefsteak Florentine style', consists of a T-bone that usually weighs about 2 lbs. This great steak includes the strip loin and the fillet.  A favorite of Tuscan cuisine, the steak is typically grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, seasoned with salt,  black pepper, and olive oil.   Thickly cut and very large, "Bistecca" are often shared between two or more persons. It is typically accompanied by red wine, and Tuscan beans as a side dish.  The marriage of flavors from all of these ingredients will reveal a noble meal of authentic Italian cookery.  


Come enjoy a classic Tuscan Steak Dinner at Trattoria Toscana.

Click on Tuscan Steak Dinner for more details. 


Have you heard of Coniglio alla Cacciatore or Huntsman's Rabbit?

Although rabbit is not a staple in the North American diet, many Italian families eat rabbit quite often.  It is a very popular dish in most regions. The flavor and texture are comparable to chicken. It is tasty,  healthy and low in fat. Rabbit can be prepared in many ways, such as using the classic Cacciatore style, known as Coniglio alla Cacciatore or Huntsman's Rabbit.

Chef Pietro will prepare original Tuscan rabbit recipes for you upon request. Give a call ahead of time to reserve an evening to enjoy a fresh, authentic custom meal that will melt in your mouth.

Comment from recent patron:

“Rabbit was spectacular. We loved it. See you soon.

Buona Pasqua!

Like all holidays in Italy, Easter, Pasqua in Italian, has its share of rituals and traditions. The Monday following Easter, la Pasquetta is also a holiday throughout Italy. While the days before Easter in Italy include solemn processions and masses, Easter is a joyous celebration.


Since Easter is the end of the Lent season, food plays a big part in the celebrations. Traditional Easter foods in many places include lamb or goat, artichokes, and special Easter breads that vary from region to region.

Pannetone and Colomba (dove shaped) breads are often given as gifts as are hollow chocolate eggs that usually come with a surprise inside.

Trattoria Toscana will be close on Easter. Buona Pasqua!



Buon San Valentino!



Everyone knows that Italians are in love with love. Italians like nothing better than news of an engagement or wedding. Stroll through any town in Italy and you will see lovers entwined, oblivious to the world around them, crowds coo-ing over a baby's pram, elderly couples strolling hand in hand.


Romance is a necessity for Italians. It's in the air and in the food. It's in the books and the films. It's expressed in the language and it floats on the music. It's no surprise, then, that Valentine's day is a big deal in Italy. If it's true that "all the world loves a lover" then it's doubly true in Italian culture traditions.

Come surround yourself in the romance of Italian culture for Valentine's Day with a romantic 5 course meal served with a complimentary glass of Prosecco to begin the evening.

 For more information, visit our Valentine's Day menu on our website.

Is there any more romantic language than Italian? It's not just the words, it's the tone, the music of the language. So if you want to woo (or wow!) your Valentine in Italian this year here's some words and phrases to help you start.

  • per sempre - forever

  • per sempre tua - forever yours

  • mai soli - never alone

  • per sempre insieme - forever together

  • Luce mia - my light

  • Tesoro mio - my treasure

  • Vita mia - my life

  • Senza fine - never ending

  • Pazza di te - crazy for you

  • Anima mia - my soul

  • Ti amo - I love you

  • Amo solo te - I love only you

  • Sei incredibile - You're incredible

  • Sei bellissima -. you're beautiful

  • Sei la mia rosa - you are my rose

  • Solo tua - only yours

  • Solo tu - only you

  • Vita mia - My life

  • Per sempre - For ever

  • Amore mio - My beloved

  • Sei un dono - you are a gift

  • Amore ti amo - I love you my love

  • Ti adoro - I adore you

  • Sei stupenda - you're fantastic

Sardinian Pig Roast at Trattoria Toscana

Before living in Tuscany, Italy for over 20 years, Chef Pietro was born and raised on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Come to Trattoria Toscana where Chef Pietro will share his Sardinian roots with you by preparing a traditional Sardinian Pig Roast.

map sardinia.jpg

Suckling pig is one of the most commonly used meats in Sardinian cuisine. Typically known as "Su Porcheddu" in the Sardinian language. Suckling pig is the prevailing dish of the inner areas of the Island. Its prestige, recently recognized and requested by tourists, can be tasted on the numerous farm holidays of the inner areas of the Island.

There have been two traditional methods of cooking the suckling pig. First, the most traditional method, cooking it underground, “Porceddu sutta terra carraxiu”. The cooking is much slower but the end result will have an excellent taste, particularly delicate crunchiness and an inviting aroma.

The second method, and most common, is to spit roast it;o it is put above lit live coals and roasted. This method of cooking it is  faster and the crackling is much crunchier than when it is cooked underground.

Sardinians enjoy a nice glass of red Cannonau wine with this bountiful meal.

For more information about the upcoming event at Trattoria Toscana, click on Sardinian Pig Roast on the menu bar at

Come and enjoy the adventure!

Buon Capodanno! Happy New Year!

Italians love festivals and the ending of the old year and beginning of the New Year, il capodanno, is a great time to celebrate in Italy. As with most Italian festivals, food plays a major role. Families and friends get together for a huge feast. The star of the dinner is lentils, symbolizing money and good fortune for the coming year.

capoanno 2015.jpg

Huge midnight fireworks displays celebrate the coming of the New Year. Most towns have public displays in a central square but private parties will also include firecrackers or sparklers, too, and will continue for a long time.

The New Year is also celebrated with spumante or prosecco, Italian sparkling wine. New Years’ parties, whether public or private, will often last until sunrise in order to watch the first sunrise of the newborn year.

An old custom that is still followed in some places, is throwing your old things out the window to symbolize your readiness to accept the New Year. So, keep an eye out for falling objects if you're walking around near midnight! Oh, one more thing, don't forget to wear your red underwear to ring in the New Year! They say it'll bring you luck in the coming year.

Come join us at Trattoria Toscana to bring in the New Year with great food and family and friends. Buon Capodanno!

Open New Year’s Eve from 12pm-3pm, 5pm-close
Call for reservations, 951-296-2066
Closed New Year’s Day

A Tuscan Christmas

In Tuscany, like in many areas of the world, the Christmas holidays are a special moment to spend time with family. And what better way than to spend time together than over a nice meal? Christmas is a very special occasion and a fine meal is part of the grand celebration. The meal usually lasts a few hours and it is a chance to relax and enjoy the good food and company.

Crostini con Fegato - Toasted Bread with Liver Pate

Christmas today is a feast based on a centuries-old menu that still pleases both the old and the young. Preparation for the meal begins days in advance, especially if the tradition of serving fresh pasta such as tortellini or lasagna is being respected. The dishes that make up the traditional Tuscan holiday menu are very simple, based on a tradition that cherishes genuine quality ingredients. Transforming such ingredients into great dishes takes a lot of experience in the art of cooking!

Tuscan Sweets

Come enjoy traditional Tuscan Christmas specialties at Trattoria Toscana on Christmas Eve such as Crostini with Wild Boar Ragù, Crostini with Liver Pate, and Potato Gnocchi with Ragù Sauce.  Finish off with a slice of Torta della Nonna (creamy lemon pastry) and other delicious treats like Panello con l’Uva (a raisin bread).  

Torta della Nonna


Dessert goes perfectly well with a Tuscan Vinsanto, a sweet dessert wine called “holy wine”. Trattoria Toscana regularly offers specials from Tuscany, where Chef Pietro lived for over 20 years.

Open Christmas Eve 12pm-10pm
Closed Christmas Day
Open New Year's Eve 12pm-3pm, 5pm-closing
Closed New Year's Day

Enchanting Tuscany

Le Fonti Winery, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Toscana, is a region in central Italy, known for its breathtaking landscapes, old traditions, rich history, incredible artistic legacy and its influence on high culture. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, expressed in the region's churches, palaces, art galleries, museums, villages and piazzas. Many of these artifacts are found in the main cities, such as Florence and Siena, but also in smaller villages scattered around the region, such as San Gimignano

Chef Pietro moved to the Chianti region of Tuscany from the island of Sardinia when he was fourteen years old. There he learned of the art of Tuscan cooking.

The genius of Tuscan cooking is in its simplicity. Italian chefs rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. Fancy sauces aren't needed to hide the food because Tuscans use pure, strong flavors and the freshest of ingredients. The great dishes are in fact very basic: Homemade ribbons of egg pasta in hare or wild boar sauce, game or free-range domestic meats grilled over wood coals, and beans simmered in earthenware pots.

The most prominent cooking additives are wine and olive oil. Tuscan oil is some of the finest in the world. Another popular, and expensive, Tuscan garnish is the tartufo, or truffle. Natural truffles are found only in a few places in the world, including Tuscany.

Wine is a famous and common produce of Tuscany. Chianti is arguably the most well-known internationally, as well as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino.

Come to Trattoria Toscana to enjoy Tuscan specialties with carefully selected Italian wine from our wine list. Delicious specials are made with fresh, quality ingredients such as Pappardelle con Cinghiale House made egg pasta with wild boar sauce, Fagioli e Salcicce Sausage and white beans in a tomato sage sauce, Pappardelle con Funghi House made egg pasta in a creamy  mushroom medley, Spaghetti con Tartuffo House made spaghetti dressed in a truffle sauce,  Filet Mignon con Tartuffo Filet mignon cooked to order, topped with a truffle sauce. And dinner would not be complete without Chef Pietro’s signature dessert, the divine Tiramisu!  Enjoy the taste of Tuscany here in Temecula!

Fresh Truffles
Pappardelle con Funghi

Have you tried the fresh, homemade gnocchi at Trattoria Toscana in Temecula?

Have you tried the fresh, homemade gnocchi at Trattoria Toscana? Chef Pietro learned to make gnocchi from the expert, his mamma Maria. Chef Pietro makes his potato gnocchi from scratch, served in a choice of flavorful sauces; tomato-based sauces, pesto sauce, creamy porcini mushroom sauce, gorgonzola sauce,  hearty ragu sauce.  He also makes a gluten-free gnocchi!  Chef Pietro's gnocchi is one of a kind - soft pillowy clouds of goodness! Come enjoy! 

pietro and mamma making gnocchi  4 pics.jpg

Catering Services at Trattoria Toscana

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We focus on using high quality, fresh, organic ingrediants to create delicious Italian dishes that will transport you to Italy. Catering by Trattoria Toscana is quality catering.

Inquire for details:  951-296-2066

Servicing Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, and all other cities of Riverside and San Diego counties.

Fresh, local, organic vegetables bring out the natural flavors of each dish.

Fresh, local, organic vegetables bring out the natural flavors of each dish.

Have you ever been to Sardinia?

Chef Pietro, owner of Trattoria Toscana was born and raised in Sardinia until he moved to Tuscany as a teen. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily) and a region of Italy. The nearest land masses are the island of Corsica and the Italian Peninsula.

The region has its capital in its largest city, Cagliari. Alongside Italian, the official language, Sardinian (Sardu) is the most widely spoken language on the island. 

Sardinian cuisine includes meat, dairy products, grains and vegetables, as well as a variety seafood from the Mediterranean Sea;  rock lobster, scampi, bottarga, squid, tuna and other seafood figure in. Suckling pig and wild boar are roasted on the spit or boiled in stews of beans and vegetables, thickened with bread. Herbs such as mint and myrtle are used. Traditional cheeses include pecorino sardo, pecorino romano, casizolu, ricotta and casu marzu.

Come enjoy authentic Sardinian specialties like no other at Trattoria Toscana in Temecula, made from family recipes, such as homemade papperdelle with wild boar bolognese, savory asparagus fritters, homemade potato gnocchi, fregula pasta, rack of lamb with a myrtle sauce, as well as a special seafood menu every Wednesday. 

What is Cinghiale?

It is difficult to think of Italian food without thinking of pork, and though the thought of prosciutto or salami may conjure up images of one of the country's many heirloom breeds, there's another side to the picture that people rarely think of: Wild boar, called Cinghiale. Italy has a vibrant wild boar population that roam the hills and forests, and many recipes for preparing wild boar.

Cinghiale shop in the village of Greve, Tuscany, Italy

Cinghiale shop in the village of Greve, Tuscany, Italy

Chef Pietro spent his youth hunting for this wild boar and creating a variety of mouth-watering dishes for his friends and family to enjoy. He now brings authentic Cinghiale dishes to Temecula. This week he is serving fresh, house made Papperdelle pasta served with a delicious tomato-based Cinghiale sauce.  Come enjoy one of a kind, authentic Cinghiale recipes at Trattoria Toscana in Temecula.

Wild Boar alla Cacciatora

Wild Boar alla Cacciatora

House made gluten-free pasta at Trattoria Toscana!

Chef Pietro has perfected and is now preparing a variety of gluten-free pastas from scratch so that everyone can enjoy fresh Italian pasta.  Choose from house made gluten-free potato gnocchi, spinach ricotta ravioli, potato pecorino ravioli and linguine with a choice of fresh sauce.  Gluten-free penne is also available.  Buon Appetito!


Acoustic Guitarist Justin Helland at Trattoria Toscana, Saturday August 23rd

Enjoy a delicious Italian meal at Trattoria Toscana, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of acoustic guitarist Justin Helland. Justin is a Berklee College of Music graduate and San Diego native. Although he possesses a talent for being able to perform a diverse and eclectic range of musical styles, he has a particular passion for traditional South American melodies. He spent four years in Boston attending Berklee studying Latin jazz and Brazilian music. After completing his degree in Boston, he moved back to San Diego where he has been performing solo as well as with bands, and also teaching lessons and ensemble classes.  Follow Justin at

Flavorful Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes!

Sun-dried tomatoes are a popular ingredient in Italian cuisine.   Sun-dried tomatoes are ripe tomatoes that lose most of their water content after spending a majority of their drying time in the sun.

Chef/Owner Pietro of Trattoria Toscana in Temecula, makes his own sun-dried tomatoes from tomatoes he grows in his organic garden, one of the many ways he utilizes fresh, high quality organic ingredients to create delicious Italian dishes.  Pietro slices the garden tomatoes and sprinkles salt over them before placing them in the sun to dry. Typically, tomatoes spend 4–10 days in the sun in order for the sun-drying process to be complete.   Tomatoes can lose up to 93% of water during the process. As a result, it takes anywhere from 8 to 14 kilos of fresh tomatoes to make a single kilo of sun-dried tomatoes.

After sun-drying, the tomato fruits keep their nutritional value. The tomatoes are high in lycopeneantioxidants, and vitamin C

Enjoy fresh daily specials featuring Pieto's sun-dried tomatoes at Trattoria Toscana!

Toscana Food Shots-13.jpg
sundried tomatoes.jpg

Seafood Night at Trattoria Toscana every Wednesday!

Seafood is an integral part of the Italian diet. Chef Pietro, born in Sardinia, prepares delicious seafood specials, emphasizing the local delicacies of the island of Sardinia. Also having lived over 20 years in Tuscany, Chef Pietro also serves fresh seafood favorites of the Tuscan region of Italy.

It may seem strange to some that seafood is a relatively new addition to the Sardinian diet, considering that Sardinia is an island teaming with sea life of the Mediterranean Sea. During the Islands long and troubled history, Sardinia was continually invaded by Phoenicians, followed by the Carthaginians, the Greeks, Romans, the Genovese, Pisans, and the Spanish, often enslaving the island inhabitants. This prompted the Sardinians to flee coastal areas, seeking refuge in the safer mountainous regions inland, where the main sources of food came from pigs, goats, sheep and large crops of wheat.

A Sardinian meal normally starts with Antipasti: Proscuitto, cheeses, octopus, salami, olives, marinated vegetables, clams or mussels cooked alla marinara with white wine, garlic, and parsley,  and bottarga (salted, dried fish eggs) which is served in shavings with lemon and olive oil. 

CARPACCIO DI POLPO ~ Octopus Specialty

CARPACCIO DI POLPO ~ Octopus Specialty

The first course (Primo) often include sa fregula, a small round shaped pasta often served in fish broth with clams or a meat sauce and culingionis, ravioli made with semolina with fillings that depend on the region of the island.

The second course (Secondo) usually includes a fish or meat dish. Traditional Sardinian meats are spit-roasted suckling pig, cooked over a log fire then left to infuse myrtle leaves.

Trattoria Toscana offers a variety of these Sardinian delicacies. The servers at Trattoria Toscana will happily inform you of these unique Sardinian specials each week, ranging from imported artisan cheeses and meats, to octopus, mussels, clams, scallops and fresh fish specials to bottarga, sa fregula pasta and culingionis ravioli filled with salmon.

Come experience the true, fresh flavors of traditional dishes of Italy, and taste the specialties from the Sardinian and Tuscan regions, right here in Temecula!