A Tuscan Christmas

In Tuscany, like in many areas of the world, the Christmas holidays are a special moment to spend time with family. And what better way than to spend time together than over a nice meal? Christmas is a very special occasion and a fine meal is part of the grand celebration. The meal usually lasts a few hours and it is a chance to relax and enjoy the good food and company.

Crostini con Fegato - Toasted Bread with Liver Pate

Christmas today is a feast based on a centuries-old menu that still pleases both the old and the young. Preparation for the meal begins days in advance, especially if the tradition of serving fresh pasta such as tortellini or lasagna is being respected. The dishes that make up the traditional Tuscan holiday menu are very simple, based on a tradition that cherishes genuine quality ingredients. Transforming such ingredients into great dishes takes a lot of experience in the art of cooking!

Tuscan Sweets

Come enjoy traditional Tuscan Christmas specialties at Trattoria Toscana on Christmas Eve such as Crostini with Wild Boar Ragù, Crostini with Liver Pate, and Potato Gnocchi with Ragù Sauce.  Finish off with a slice of Torta della Nonna (creamy lemon pastry) and other delicious treats like Panello con l’Uva (a raisin bread).  

Torta della Nonna


Dessert goes perfectly well with a Tuscan Vinsanto, a sweet dessert wine called “holy wine”. Trattoria Toscana regularly offers specials from Tuscany, where Chef Pietro lived for over 20 years.

Open Christmas Eve 12pm-10pm
Closed Christmas Day
Open New Year's Eve 12pm-3pm, 5pm-closing
Closed New Year's Day