Seafood Night at Trattoria Toscana every Wednesday!

Seafood is an integral part of the Italian diet. Chef Pietro, born in Sardinia, prepares delicious seafood specials, emphasizing the local delicacies of the island of Sardinia. Also having lived over 20 years in Tuscany, Chef Pietro also serves fresh seafood favorites of the Tuscan region of Italy.

It may seem strange to some that seafood is a relatively new addition to the Sardinian diet, considering that Sardinia is an island teaming with sea life of the Mediterranean Sea. During the Islands long and troubled history, Sardinia was continually invaded by Phoenicians, followed by the Carthaginians, the Greeks, Romans, the Genovese, Pisans, and the Spanish, often enslaving the island inhabitants. This prompted the Sardinians to flee coastal areas, seeking refuge in the safer mountainous regions inland, where the main sources of food came from pigs, goats, sheep and large crops of wheat.

A Sardinian meal normally starts with Antipasti: Proscuitto, cheeses, octopus, salami, olives, marinated vegetables, clams or mussels cooked alla marinara with white wine, garlic, and parsley,  and bottarga (salted, dried fish eggs) which is served in shavings with lemon and olive oil. 

CARPACCIO DI POLPO ~ Octopus Specialty

CARPACCIO DI POLPO ~ Octopus Specialty

The first course (Primo) often include sa fregula, a small round shaped pasta often served in fish broth with clams or a meat sauce and culingionis, ravioli made with semolina with fillings that depend on the region of the island.

The second course (Secondo) usually includes a fish or meat dish. Traditional Sardinian meats are spit-roasted suckling pig, cooked over a log fire then left to infuse myrtle leaves.

Trattoria Toscana offers a variety of these Sardinian delicacies. The servers at Trattoria Toscana will happily inform you of these unique Sardinian specials each week, ranging from imported artisan cheeses and meats, to octopus, mussels, clams, scallops and fresh fish specials to bottarga, sa fregula pasta and culingionis ravioli filled with salmon.

Come experience the true, fresh flavors of traditional dishes of Italy, and taste the specialties from the Sardinian and Tuscan regions, right here in Temecula!