Sardinian Pig Roast at Trattoria Toscana

Before living in Tuscany, Italy for over 20 years, Chef Pietro was born and raised on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Come to Trattoria Toscana where Chef Pietro will share his Sardinian roots with you by preparing a traditional Sardinian Pig Roast.

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Suckling pig is one of the most commonly used meats in Sardinian cuisine. Typically known as "Su Porcheddu" in the Sardinian language. Suckling pig is the prevailing dish of the inner areas of the Island. Its prestige, recently recognized and requested by tourists, can be tasted on the numerous farm holidays of the inner areas of the Island.

There have been two traditional methods of cooking the suckling pig. First, the most traditional method, cooking it underground, “Porceddu sutta terra carraxiu”. The cooking is much slower but the end result will have an excellent taste, particularly delicate crunchiness and an inviting aroma.

The second method, and most common, is to spit roast it;o it is put above lit live coals and roasted. This method of cooking it is  faster and the crackling is much crunchier than when it is cooked underground.

Sardinians enjoy a nice glass of red Cannonau wine with this bountiful meal.

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Come and enjoy the adventure!