Buon San Valentino!



Everyone knows that Italians are in love with love. Italians like nothing better than news of an engagement or wedding. Stroll through any town in Italy and you will see lovers entwined, oblivious to the world around them, crowds coo-ing over a baby's pram, elderly couples strolling hand in hand.


Romance is a necessity for Italians. It's in the air and in the food. It's in the books and the films. It's expressed in the language and it floats on the music. It's no surprise, then, that Valentine's day is a big deal in Italy. If it's true that "all the world loves a lover" then it's doubly true in Italian culture traditions.

Come surround yourself in the romance of Italian culture for Valentine's Day with a romantic 5 course meal served with a complimentary glass of Prosecco to begin the evening.

 For more information, visit our Valentine's Day menu on our website. 

Is there any more romantic language than Italian? It's not just the words, it's the tone, the music of the language. So if you want to woo (or wow!) your Valentine in Italian this year here's some words and phrases to help you start.

  • per sempre - forever

  • per sempre tua - forever yours

  • mai soli - never alone

  • per sempre insieme - forever together

  • Luce mia - my light

  • Tesoro mio - my treasure

  • Vita mia - my life

  • Senza fine - never ending

  • Pazza di te - crazy for you

  • Anima mia - my soul

  • Ti amo - I love you

  • Amo solo te - I love only you

  • Sei incredibile - You're incredible

  • Sei bellissima -. you're beautiful

  • Sei la mia rosa - you are my rose

  • Solo tua - only yours

  • Solo tu - only you

  • Vita mia - My life

  • Per sempre - For ever

  • Amore mio - My beloved

  • Sei un dono - you are a gift

  • Amore ti amo - I love you my love

  • Ti adoro - I adore you

  • Sei stupenda - you're fantastic