Succulent Seafood in Sardinia!

“Eh, chi non m’as postu frucchitta!”

Or, as a great-aunt said once, scolded during a Sunday lunch in Cagliari since she was not touching her typical Sardinia food, “Why? You didn’t give me the fork!”. Once you’re at the table in Sardiniaeating is a must!

Eating, in Sardinia, means family, tradition and plates of typical Sardinian cuisine, much like in the rest of central and southern Italy, a reason to pass time with your dear ones, to laugh and tell the last news, sometimes even an occasion to discuss and argue in pure Italian style.

For lovers of seafood, Sardinia’s beaches are an ideal vacation spot.  Sardinian cuisine offers rock lobsters, clams, crabs, squid, anchovies and sardines, among other delights.  Mullet eggs are harvested and dried into solid blocks.  This strongly flavored food, called bottarga, is shaved or thinly sliced to serve over pasta or salad.  Cassòla, a flavorful seafood soup, can have as many as a dozen types of seafood cooked with spices and tomatoes.  Shark meat is cooked into burrida, a chower with unique variations at each port.  In Sardinian cooking, seafood can be found in other dishes as well.  Aragosta arrosto splits the local rock lobsters in half, topped with seasoned breadcrumbs and roasted in the oven.

Join us at Trattoria Toscana to enjoy truly fresh, from scratch Sardinian dishes from Chef Pietro's homeland.