The Island of Sardinia, although Italian territory, is a country of its own, lost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with rocky mountains that cascade onto white sand beaches with warm, crystal clear water.

Chef Pietro Cinus was born there, and Sardinia inspires his taste for the natural, fresh flavors of Italian cuisine. The country-side filled with wild asparagus and chard, the Mediterranean Sea teaming with mussels, clams, fish, squid, and local farms producing the freshest cheeses, Sardinia naturally provides the freshest, natural ingredients to create exquisite meals. And there Pietro began to learn Italian recipes from his mamma, Maria, right in her kitchen.

Very young and adventurous, Chef Pietro moved to Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy, a world famous wine and culinary region.  His love of high quality food continued to flourish and his skills as a chef continued to grow, as he learned more and more about crafting home-made pastas and sauces to perfection.  His love of fresh, natural foods often sent him into the forest to collect mushrooms and greens, to hunt for wild boar, rabbit and quail, and bring it home to prepare it to perfection with his friends and family. For Pietro, the joy of life is to prepare a beautiful meal  with the highest quality ingredients, to enjoy among friends and family.

In 2007, when Pietro had been living in Tuscany for over 20 years, working as a skilled woodworker cum chef, California-native , Blythe Wilson, embarked on a walking adventure through the Tuscan countryside of Italy. While enjoying a glass of wine at a hillside inn, she met Pietro Cinus.  While they did not speak the same language, the connection was instantaneous. Six years, many language lessons, thousands of dollars in phone bills and plane tickets, and two children later, they are now bringing the Italian cuisine and romance of their first meeting home to Temecula.

While Chef Pietro spent the past few years cultivating his organic garden filled with tomatoes for sauces and sun-drying, garlic and onions for braiding, fava beans and potatoes for soups for his family, his desire to share the unique flavorful dishes of Tuscany and Sardinia, as well as the joy of the Tuscan experience around the table, grew more and more pressing. He dreamed of sharing with others the truly authentic flavors of Tuscany and Sardinia, based in local, fresh, organic ingredients, as well as authentic, organic imported foods from Italy. And this is how Trattoria Toscana was born.